7 things about Crypto Currency/ Bitcoin.

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7 things about Crypto Currency/ Bitcoin.

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A currency is a electronic payment in real time. There are many types of currencies in the world. Bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency is full of features with a long history. The largest cryptocurrency has led more than 2000 millions into being a part of the crypto currency of Blockchain technology. Its reputation is as the most secure crypto currency. I believe Bitcoin is going to become the universal currency in the world. Its growth is massive.

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Since it’s creation by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, we have followed Bitcoin growth. From only 100,000 traders in 2011, one million by 2014, to the 9 Billion mark by 2018. In 2017, we saw over 10,000 new investors joining the crypto currency. The question that everyone is asking is how to invest in BTC or other currencies. Lets us see you some of the benefits of Bitcoin

1. High security

2. Increasingly larger network

3. Less hack-ability

4. Retail connection

5. Decentralized network

6. Less censorship

7. Zero charge

BTC is not what it used to be, but it’s still the most secure cryptocurrency available for trading

BTC transaction cost (depends on many factors; banks will charge you the fee, or you can pay a fee yourself). The best way to profit is by selling your BTC tokens. Owning 1 BTC can protect you from break. When you’re buying a BTC token, it can be owned in a lot of ways. Maybe you want to add it to exchanges? A virtual wallet? A wallet you can take as an address?

BTC is just like its name. Everyone is looking for a convenient way to securely store and transfer their crypto currency. It’s the best way for secure transactions. This security has been the most important attribute that the Bitcoin has created.

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As the global research says, the diversity in terms of the world’s population, the cryptocurrency is an asset regardless of its security. It’s positioned as the most secure cryptocurrency available. Since it started as a Satoshi Nakamoto ticket, we’ve seen its name as the most secure cryptocurrency exchange. We see more innovative ways how Bitcoin can become the global currency.

From the use of block chain or paper blockchain, it can connect the world trading. While this is the most secure way to process transactions, it is not the best financial system. According to Mirati Capital, “Bitcoin is currently being used for funding international sales”, as some of these countries have restrictions on using cryptocurrency on their currency.

That’s why crypto companies are turning to ICOs, which are a special and unique version of crowdfunding. Its popularity shows the investments in this asset class by 2017, especially ICOs which were the largest news media coverage. The main crowdfunding mechanism is public offerings where they issue tokens to the public, which are bought on exchanges, used in the purchase of goods and services, and also exchange them for real assets.

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In 2017, ICOs raised $6.75 Billion USD. Well, we’re already seeing a lot of hype about the ICOs. With great hype, there is also great guesswork that says its expected to be the world’s biggest crowdfunding crowd-sale after 2016 by the end of 2019. It’s expected to be an outstanding crowd-sale next year as it only lacks money to help in its fundraising. But

2017 saw a massive turnaround of Bitcoin funding’s funding. ICO funding rose over $ 6.75 Billion in 2017. As a result, money raised will be more and more sustainable because of additional resources. The second reason is that, although they’re funding financing, lots of media (both in public and private) have been giving high financial expectation to these crowdfunding.

Other cryptocurrencies have received criticism from people. Bitcoin is rather the only legitimate currency. In terms of revenue, Bitcoin’s revenue’s is over USD$5 Billion. How much money do you want to invest?

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