How to approach a cat eye makeup look.

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How to approach a cat eye makeup look.

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The success of my first red eye makeup look in high school definitely paved the way for my passion to come my way as a makeup artist.

During my time at college, I used to use my art for both social and personal reasons. I applied my love for getting ready to makeup professionally in hopes of becoming better with my skills.

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Making eyes look pretty now seems as easy as playing with home makeup tools, but when I first started to learn how to do my makeup, I didn’t understand that process until I became more comfortable doing so.

As the years rolled by, I also began to realize that my face, and the way I chose to design my look, had become my own personal curiosities. The majority of my style lean toward an animal-inspired look. When that was the perfect look for me, then it was worth treating it as something very personal. It was my castle to indulge in.

I’m very fortunate that my family is still around, and they’ve been some of the biggest influences in my lifelong love for makeup. Seeing them enjoy it as much as I have helped me stay on top of the cat eye makeup look trend.

Look good just the way you want, without paying attention to anyone else who looks different from you. Use vibrant colors for your eyes, and don’t be afraid to try out a wide range of eye makeup colors.

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If you’re trying something different, it will impress and easily distract others. While people aren’t very creative during the daytime, anything you do becomes a potential “signature” or “Miuccini”. If you want to stand out like a bright object, opt for a bold statement.

Simply put, there’s absolutely no wrong way to approach a cat eye makeup look. I had to choose a color for my own eyeballs before being able to begin applying them to my face. However, once I learned this trick, it became far less intimidating and much easier to pull off.

When I first learned how to do my makeup, I was experiencing quite a bit of withdrawal from the natural world. I was passionate about the job I had, so I worked to learn all I could in the hope that eventually, the truth would dawn on me.

Ultimately, learning how to do my makeup has opened my eyes to many new adventures, and has become a hobby that I can’t get enough of.

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