How To Choose The Right Sports/Fitness Watch

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How To Choose The Right Sports/Fitness Watch

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I think women in general are attracted to this feature of large wristwatches. They also have the convenience of convenient notifications, so they don’t have to pull their phone out of their pocket each time they want to check the time. I can personally attest to that truth; I really love that my watch does everything I want to do automatically, from answering a phone call to a friend with a quick text. Here we help you choose the fitness watch.

Sport watches, though, are expensive. What all that, you ask? Maybe it’s because the right option isn’t available? Or maybe someone just doesn’t want to spend $250, which is a pretty lot of money for a watch. But if you’re still willing to shell out $150,000, I can tell you that you’ll be OK.

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Fitbit Inspire and Guess G-Shock are among my favorites. They have all the features I needed for a gym-bunny, but they don’t suffer from the same fashion and fashion-based problems.

These watches are especially great because they connect with smartphones on the Apple Watch or Android, allowing users to track all of their workouts and check the time while you are out on runs. However, many watches don’t have that connection. I find the Gucci woman’s Sport Link Bracelet or the Italian luxury sports watch site FIAT’s Palomino model on Pinterest a great mix of highly functional with a sophisticated look.

But these watches are only so functional because they come at a high price. Especially because many smartwatch/ Fitness Watch bands are priced at $150, or even $300 for the combination of sports watch, but sports watches are at the top of the price point. At that price, if you’re planning on taking your time to have a meaningful relationship with your watch, then you really shouldn’t be getting one.

The Miwatch Pro owes its name to the high price. However, it’s also the stylishest, most watch I’ve ever bought. It has all the features I want—such as GPS, a design that makes you look like a cool millionaire, and contactless payments. I’ve never thought of getting a smartwatch as a “high-fidelity” product—it was expensive and powered by tracking services. I’m not sure the software really served its purpose for me, but I’m happy I got one that offers all of that for a decent price.

As mentioned, the Gucci watch is on Pinterest, which is why I recommend that you read this article instead. But if you’re looking for a “low-price” product that’s actually a great watch, then I would recommend Guess. They are good quality watches with incredible styling. The two colorways I want to recommend are either the Strap and the Nano Watch Edition.

If you haven’t shopped for a Fitness Watch or want to

I highly suggest walking around and taking a look at what others are doing. Don’t be afraid to do your own research and do your own research, as I find that a lot of niche watch retailers are very successful. I was originally introduced to the Guess brand through my Good Morning America friend Caitlin and I—we were browsing around for a women’s sport watch, and Caitlin was enjoying the Roland Brautigam Risque 500XB. She owns a coat but doesn’t mind wearing the same coat multiple times because it reflects off of her Louis Vuitton jacket.

Doing research on the brands of your best friend helps you keep an eye out for great brands that are good quality, but don’t necessarily cost a ton of money. When you start walking around and looking at competitors, you don’t notice until they already have a great look.

Either way, I’d recommend sticking to brands you like and feeling good about their price.

Here are some things to look out for if you want to skip the high-price sports watches and pick a smartwatch/ Fitness Watch for you:

If you want to swim, then a smartwatch or even just a basic watch will work. I wear a Blackmon Black Love watch to swim for my water workouts, and I don’t miss a single minute of every swim meet. Even though I swim without clothes, I do feel like I miss a bit of my mood when I do swim solo. So if you want to use a smartwatch or a watch that hasn’t been demonstrated to be waterproof, or have a list of different qualities but aren’t waterproof, you should probably use a basic watch or sports watch.

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